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When it comes to maintaining the air quality in your home or place of business, early action is key. With mold remediation in air ducts & air duct cleaning services from ZACH-VAC Air Duct Cleaning & Dryer Vents, you can keep contaminants from recirculating through the air and causing potential health problems. We'll thoroughly inspect and sanitize your ducts with a natural thyme based botanical product.

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5 signs mold might be making you sick

5 signs mold might be making you sick

If you don't see black spots on your surfaces, you may not think you have a mold problem. However, mold spores that grow in your ducts can get into the air and cause a variety of health problems.

You probably need duct cleaning services if you or a loved one is experiencing:

  1. Eye irritation.
  2. Throat irritation.
  3. Wheezing or coughing.
  4. Nasal congestion.
  5. Skin rashes.

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